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CONSTRUCTION IS A RISKY ENDEAVOR. The rewards generally outweight the risks; however, close monitoring is required to assure financial stability and to provide solutions to the problems which inevitably occur in development.  The use of an independent consultant eases the lender’s exposure to lender liability.  The third party consultant allows the lender to have an in depth knowledge of the projects without the major cost of in-house construction experts. Cardinal Consulting, Inc. can act as an intermediary to the lender, contractor and developer to assure that the lender maintains relationships for future projects while adhering to strict policy guidelines.  



Cardinal Consulting, Inc. specializes in providing expertise in the construction field to a variety of construction lenders. We specialize in efficient, high quality services that keep our lenders and their borrowers both well informed and secure.  We are familiar with the various requirements of the large construction lenders, as well as their auditors. Cardinal provides construction-consulting services throughout the West Coast.  

At Cardinal Consulting, Inc., we provide consulting services to financial institutions, primarily in order to:

  • safeguard financial investments;
  • facilitate the completion of development projects;
  • expand the lender's market share as a professional agent. 

Cardinal Consulting, Inc. guidelines extend the services provided from providing indepth reviews and on site progress reprots, to less intenstive advice on projects. In addition to construction services, we assess risk by providing facility evaluations of existing structures, such Property Condition Reports & Probable Maximum Loss Reports (Seismic Reviews).


The construction industry is the second largest employer in the United States, second only to the Federal Government.


In a highly anticipated decision, on July 2, 2012, the US Supreme Court ruled that California charter cities are not subject to the existing prevailing-wage requirements.

July 1, 2013 marks the two-year anniversary of mandatory installation of Carbon Monoxide Detectors in all California homes. Do you have one in yours?.


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Ranging from multi-family renovation projects in Chico, to new single-family construction in San Diego, Cardinal Consulting, Inc. is currently involved in a variety of projects all over the west coast.


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